• Ionisation is a process that uses nature's most effective algaecide - copper and bactericide - silver.
  • Through electrolysis the copper and silver is changed from solid metals to soluble ions dispersed into the water.

Use 90% Less Chlorine

Ionise your pool with Bacteria killing Silver & Algae killing Copper electrodes.
Quick and simple to install an ioniser is a cost effective & healthy way to keep your pool clean by combining ancient principles with modern technology. Can work with your existing chlorinating system

Aquamatics Mark 5: Copper and Silver Ionizer.



  • Aquabrite is an unique oxidising agent only available from Aquamatics.
  • It is a proprietary blend of dual acting oxidising agents that accelerates the ionic process by activating the copper and silver ions to kill algae and bacteria.


"We have never seen the pool water look so clear."

"So much nicer to swim in than a chlorinated pool."

"It was the best product we have bought for our pool."

"The pool requires very little work now we have an ioniser."





Chlorine Free Pool Water

Whether your concerned about the effects of chlorine on the health of your family, have skin sensitivities, or simply want healthy fresh water to swim in. Aquabrite sachets work with copper & silver ions to keep your water pure.

Instead of using Chlorine or Bromine oxidisers the Aquabrite System uses a unique blend of Oxygen rich compounds which activate tiny amounts of silver and copper ions. As a result, eye and skin irritation is effectively eliminated due to the fact that the water has no unpleasant taste or smell and that no toxic or irritating substances are formed.


Silver - Reliable Alternatives to Chlorine

Silver Water Purification Systems Offer Reliable Alternative to Chlorine
Report by: The Silver Institute - Silver News -

Laguna Niguel, CA (March 25, 1997) - Silver based water purification systems offer the most reliable and cost effective alternative to chlorine, a chemical that is increasingly coming under fire for the carcinogenic by products it leaves in water, according to David Eaton, secretary of The Institute of Water Ionization Technologies in the United Kingdom and technical director of Roseland Hydronics PLC.

Speaking at the annual meeting of The Gold & Silver Institutes in Laguna, Niguel, CA. this week Eaton said progressively restrictive legislation is confronting the use of chemicals, especially chlorine, which for nearly a century. has been the primary medium for water disinfection.

With increasing pollution, utilities are forced to put far more chlorine into the supply chain, Eaton explained. The chemical reaction that oxidizes impurities when chlorine is added, also forms carcinogenic byproducts. "Of course these same byproducts have been generated by chlorination for a long time but never in the quantities that are now being seen," he said.

Silver offers a healthy alternative. The metal has long been known for its biocidal properties, Eaton noted. The Ancient Phoenicians. who stored wine in silver urns to preserve it, provide one of the earliest recorded examples of the metal's use for water purification.

Applying modern technology to this old fashioned principle, The Institute of Water Ionization Technologies has developed silver ion generators for municipal water supplies. The market for silver ionized swimming pool systems has expanded significantly in the US and overseas, Eaton said. But in Britain, silver ionization is being developed for mainstream water systems. Machines used to clean primary water must be much larger and more powerful than small swimming pool units, and require accurate control mechanisms to ensure that levels of silver are maintained and kept within drinking water standards.

Eaton discussed a recent project funded by the UK Department of the Environment to study the control of Legionnaires disease by using silver ions. The disease is named after Legionella pneumophilia, an organism that is widespread in small quantities within natural water sources. The bacteria become lethal at a water temperature of 95 degrees F and can be killed at temperatures between 135 and 140 degrees F.

Of three tests, silver/copper ions in soft water produced the best results. The copper ion disrupted the enzyme structures of the cell allowing the silver ion to penetrate inside where it rapidly killed the cell's life support system. US regulations allow a silver level of 100 ppb in drinking water, but a silver level of only 20 ppb kills Legionella.

A new European Union Drinking Water Standard in draft form has removed any upper limit for silver in drinking water following the World Health Organization's Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality which States, "It is unnecessary to recommend any health-based guideline for silver as it is not hazardous to human heath.

Eaton said silver ion generators currently are being used in intensive care and heart transplant units of hospitals, and for poultry processing, engineering, brewing, cooling towers and swimming pools.

The sale of silver based ionizers is beginning to take off in the UK and there are promising growth markets in the Scandinavia, Germany, and the Far East. We calculate that requirements for silver globally will increase to about two million ounces annually within five years.

For the complete text of Eaton's speech, contact The Silver Institute, (202) 835-0185. For more information contact the Institute of Water Ionization Technologies, 01621869255 (fax) 01621868211.

Research Quotes:

Thanks to eye-opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms but silver kills some 650. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic. Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis, a pioneering silver researcher, says: "Silver is the best all around germ fighter we have."[1]

The value of silver in medicine, and as a purifier has been acknowledged for centuries. Egyptians implanted silver plates into skulls with surgery. In Ancient Greece and Rome, people used silver containers to keep liquids fresh. When settlers moved across the American West, they would purify a container of water by putting a silver dollar in it overnight. Towards the end of the 19th century, other medicinal uses for silver were developed including the use of silver and mercury in filling cavities, and the dropping of a silver filtrate solution into the eyes of newborn babies to prevent blindness due to infection.[2]

Scores of independent tests have shown that silver promptly kills bacteria in water and maintains water purity over long periods of time.[3]

Russian scientists working on water recycling and purification problems for the Soviet space program have decided on silver as the best long term sanitation agent. Researching the problems of water shortage over periods of several months, as well as purification for immediate use, they determined that ionized silver provides the safest and longest lasting method of transforming polluted waste into potable water.[4]

After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA has also chosen silver as the purifying agent on the Space Shuttle program.[5][6]

Silver was used to provide shuttle crews with pure water for drinking, air conditioning, food preparation and other operations. By establishing 100 parts of silver per billion parts of water NASA will totally eliminate the need for chlorine! The most dramatic purification tests occurred in 1976 in a 20,000 gallon swimming pool in Nebraska. There was no disinfectant of any kind in the water. Fifty gallons of municipal sewage waste water was put into the pool. That produced a dangerous concentration of 7,000 E coli cells per 100 millilitre [half a cup] of water. Contents of the pool were then pumped through a tank containing alternating anodic and cathodic silver electrodes for disinfection. Within three hours the pool was entirely free of E. coli and the water contained only 3.2 parts of silver per billion parts of water.[7]

The Allegheny County Health Department in Pennsylvania conducted tests in a 152,000 gallon pool which previously had been disinfected by a 50 pounds per day chlorinator. The system was replaced by a silver system for the swimming pool season of 1974 and 1975. The County Health Department took up to 50 daily samples and found that silver ions remained in the pool at the low steady rate of 20 parts per billion. The water remained free of bacteria throughout the two seasons. In contrast, 65 water samples from 30 other pools having a concentration of 700 parts per billion of available chlorine showed a mean of 1.3 pseudomonas and 7.3 staph cells per millilitre of water.[8]

The impact of silver technology continues to grow. More than half of the American soft drink bottling companies, numerous shipping lines and a host of other enterprises in 70 countries, use silver to sterilize water. These and many other examples of the expanding use of silver in water purification have been documented by Dr. Fred Zobist and presented to the Silver Institute in Washington, D.C.


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Links to Silver Institute News Letters within this site:

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