There is so much to talk about in this area that we really won’t do it justice on just one page but lets see if we can hit some of the important things.

Salt chlorination is something that was really pioneered here in Australia and there have been some changes over the last decade that you may want to know about. Salt chlorination is still the most common form of chlorination in the backyard pools of Australia because of its low running costs and ease of use. Add to that the newer phenomenon of mineral bathing and you have a combination that is hard to beat. These days you can substitute salt for a magnesium blend or simply add a mineral additive to enhance your swimming experience. Relaxing the muscles and softening the skin are just a couple of the claimed benefits of swimming in a pool with minerals. It’s like converting your pool into an Epsom salts bath.

Apart from the minerals there are now “ultra low” salt or mineral chlorinators. Great to reduce running costs and also great for those pools with pavers or fittings that are prone to corrosion (like sandstone).

There are devices like Ozone generators and Ionisers that enable you to run lower chlorine levels for people with sensitive skin or those that just don’t like the feel of chlorine on them.

There are still the original Acid and Chlorine dosing machines as well for those that want the reliability of knowing that their chlorine and pH levels are always perfect.

As you can see, there is a lot to discuss and it is not a matter of one size fits all. Why not give us a call to discuss the right fit for you and your pool.

Video reviews of Chlorinators we use

You can read more about the Ozoneswim and other products we use on The Buffer Zone.


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