The real change in the area of swimming pool pumps has come in the form of energy efficient pumps designed to slash the running cost of your swimming pool by up to 70%. A swimming pool pump, in most cases, only really has to run at full speed for the first few minutes at start up or during backwash and vacuuming. Energy efficient pumps give you the flexibility of being able to adjust the flow rate to what your pool needs to work both effectively and efficiently. Its a neat trick!

Something like a pool pump (and especially an energy efficient one) is not a plug and play item so it needs to be supplied and installed by a professional to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits out of it.

Give us a call to have a chat or organise a quote. Purchasing a new pump is not an easy thing to navigate on your own, why not let us help you.

Video reviews of Pumps we use

You can read more about the Theraflow TVS, Astral Viron P320 and other products we use on The Buffer Zone.


Professional and great service! Saved my pool for Christmas. Very happy!

I am sure like most pool owners we have all had our fair share of dodgy pool serviceman. Well I am so pleased we have changed to the Pool Doctor, wonderful, friendly, fast and efficient service at reasonable rates. Any issues they are on it!

I have used Pool Doctor for about 15 years and find their professionalism and product knowledge unsurpassed. They always respond promptly. I cannot speak highly enough of their level of service.

We were delighted with the integrated computer system Pool Doctor used as well as all the energy saving advice that was offered to give a better more affordable pool experience.